5 Styles of Boat Seats

For many boat owners, the seats that come with their boat are just not what they are looking for. Designers often spend a great deal of time making sure that your boat is fast and safe, so they neglect the smaller comforts of the interior. Not only are stock models less comfortable, they may not even match your sailing style or usual party size either. Luckily, the stock seats on your boat can be easily replaced with a much more comfortable model with very little hassle when doing so. If you’re in the market for a new set of seats for your boat, check out these basic types of seating to help you get started on setting up your ship in the perfect way.

Pedestal seats are the most common type of seating for the captain’s chair. A raising and lowering pedestal can added to nearly every type of seat, but most often it is seen as a seat on its own near the steering of the ship so that the captain can lean back and rest their legs without having to sit back fully reclined. These are great as most sailors are not the same height, and everyone likes their chair to be made for them. Just like your office chair at home, these products can be raised and lowered with just a quick release on a lever.

Lounge chairs are for all the other passengers. These products can be found in myriad forms, but are often plush waterproof models that are made for one thing – relaxing. It’s best to have one for each possible passenger on your ship so that everyone remains comfortable as they while away the day aboard.

Swivel chairs, much like pedestal chairs, can usually be added to any style of chair, but are usually found around the relaxing areas of the ship. This way sailors can sit facing whichever direction they like to converse or watch the sights that roll by.

Reclining chairs are another great adaptation to the standard chairs. Just like the chair in your car, these products can be easily reclined or raised with a simple turn of a knob or pull of a lever to put the sitter in the best position to enjoy the sights or just soak up the sun.

Finally, captain’s chairs are the ultimate style of chair for the boater. These products are very large, plush, and unlike most chairs on a ship, they usually feature armrests and cup holders as well. Extremely nice models can also feature controls for the ship too.