The Essence of Distinction – Titanic Movie Review – Marxist Criticism Approach

In the movie, the old Rose is the one who told the story. The story started when Jack Dawson won tickets to be aboard in the RMS Titanic after playing a card game. On the same night, Jack saw a woman running that pass in front of him. He followed the woman and realized that she is about to end her life. Luckily, Jack manages to talk through her and prevent her from committing suicide. The woman is Rose Dewitt Bukater. Then he was invited to come in the party that is exclusive to First class passengers. There it was explained why she wants to end her life and it is because her family decided her to have a fixed marriage with a rich guy named Caledon Hockley. Because Rose want to run away to her problem she always meet with Jack and because of that she experience what it feels like to be with Third class passengers and be like them. While she is with the Third class passengers she felt important because the third class passengers welcomed her and treat Rose as their equal. The next day came and it is the last day the ship and more than half of the passengers had seen. None of them had expected that an iceberg will hit and make the unsinkable ship sink to the bottom of the ocean. The First class passengers were the first to get ride on the boats while the other class passengers are locked up in their hallways. Cal at the time tried to bribe the officers of the ship to let him get to a boat as fast as they can. While Cal has managed to ride on a boat already, Rose came back inside the ship and tried to find Jack that has been locked up by one of Cal’s underlings. She manages to save him and they both reached the uppermost part of the ship but did not get a boat because the boats are occupied already. After a while, the ship breaks in to two parts and then manages to sink fully in the deeps of the ocean. Jack found a wooden door floating near them. He lifted Rose and put her at the top of the floating door. Then Jack tried to get up on the door too but the door will sink if he tried to, so Jack chose to let Rose on the door. After several minutes, only one boat from the ship that sank came back and luckily saw Rose but Jack already passed away because of the freezing cold of the ocean.

Considering the Marxist criticism approach, the movie clearly depicted the social classes that are happening in the world. In all parts of the movie, the first class passengers are given priority by the whole ship. Even when the ship is sinking, the officers gave priority to the first class passengers and even locked up the third class passengers to prevent them from trying to get out of there. At most time, in the movie some of the first class passengers are criticizing other passengers just like Ruth, Rose’s mother and Cal that judged all of the third class passengers including Jack. But when they are tested it really showed what kind of attitude they have. Cal who tried his best to safely get a boat and did thought of saving other lives. Rose, on the other hand, showed the other side of a rich person. She symbolizes that love can change a person’s attitude. In the flow of the story, it was showed how Rose understood the hearts of the poor people and even risked her own life trying to save her love. Lastly, Jack depicted the poor in our social standings but he did not have any second thoughts and save Rose’s live at the end without considering his own life.

Titanic really is a very well-made movie. It has great effects, great actors and actresses, cinematography, music, and story well showed the kinds of social classes. It clearly showed that the attitude of every person is not fixed or unbreakable. The movie showed the types of people and how they will react in front of a disaster. The line of Jack “I am the King of the World” really is the right term for him because he is a worthy king because of her attitude that he will never leave his own love in any problem and is ready to sacrifice his own life to save his love.

Boracay’s Famed Dragon Boat Competition

White Beach on the tropical island of Boracay in the Philippines, honored by many praising reviews… Sweltered vacationers relax on the chaise lounges in the salvational shade of the palm trees of one of the most famous beaches in the world and… observe a group of brave women fiercely exercising on the Beach… (!!!)

Boracay Dragon Boat Festival, promoted by BIPA (Boracay Island Paddlers Association) has been held for the last four years and was crowned with “international” status from the first splash of the paddle. For the small Boracay community these competitions became the essential part of its social life.

Not the Festival itself but the Great Joy of Friendship, Fun and Health building brings people together. You may happen to paddle together with GM of a big resort, yacht owner, web-designer or a chef-cook. The variety of participants can be compared only to the diversity of exotic plants in Mimie’s garden. Mimie with her husband Ariel own and manage the charming boutique Boracay Beach Club (BBC) hotel. They are known as generous hosts to their guests (from guest’s comments on TripAdvisor) and caring “parents” to their employees (from all the happy smiles of BBC’s dedicated staff).

Mimie joined the dragon boat team “Master Bathers” two years ago. Somehow people managed to pronounce second part of the team name slightly differently which sounded as “only for adults” content. As a result their team had trouble finding new adherents and the President, Candy de Tagle Ledesma, Tootsie Rohnholm, and the club members decided to change name for “BumShells”. That’s how the team entered modern digital history book – Boracay Dragon Boat Festival webpage.

Preparation for the competition began four months before the actual Dragon Boat Competition. Twice a week Bumshellers would gather for Sport, Sun and Friendship and to be observed by surprised tourists. In the heat of Boracay sun they devoted some hours of their precious time to prepare for the Competition. Not only is the striving for the golden medal moving their bodies in the heat of Boracay weather but desire for the golden relationship, Island Team Spirit.

They want to have Fun and share it with everybody around…. That’s why Boracay Beach Club’s restaurant Ariel’s House, for a day, became the office which helped other teams to get information and organize their visit to the Festival. BBC became the “BBC” of the Dragon Boat Competition: this small spot on Boracay map became broadcasting station for Boracay dragon boat festival information.

One month left before the competition…Atmosphere tensed. Exercises became every day practice. Warmth from limbed up bodies heats up already hot air.

One day before the Opening Ceremony all Mimie and other Bumshellers came to Boracay Beach Club to prepare for the presentation of their team at the Welcome Cocktail. Taking Mimie’s and her friends’ opened hands & mind & heartfelt attitude to life and people her group managed to bring together an incredibly international team: Livonian, Latvian, Mexican… And that’s when all the Fun started! Wigs, gigantic glasses, rainbow stockings enhanced by great enthusiasm, rays of striking energy and happiness.

Here you are, Great Day of Festival Opening! First day participants underwent one of the hardest trials- enjoying welcome cocktails without feeling hangover on the next day of competition:)!! During that event teams presented their Songs of Soul & Cries of Heart to introduce themselves.

The next day was 500-Meter Men’s, Women’s & Mixed Open Races. That day Mimie silently returned to BBC We were able to see her only in the evening, tired but smiling, she told us about some difficulties and exhaustion of waiting in the sun but with the consolation of joy that the camaraderie brings.

On third day teams had 300-Meter Men’s, Women’s & Mixed Open Races which went easier and more smoothly. Same day, 24 April, at the Awards & Farewell Dinner Party medals were given away. Bumshellers enjoyed participation and making new friends as the supreme reward for months of preparation! Not only new friends but new guests as well: one of the Canadian Dragon Boat participants moved to stay in Boracay Beach Club.

After the competition some of Bumshellers went for Nature & Adventure & Relaxation – to Ariel’s Point Trip. 30 minutes cruise on the speed boat brought them to the beautiful corner of Buruanga. Flourishing nature enhanced by creative thoughtful care makes this place unforgettable experience for many travelers. The main fun of this place is cliff jumping/divingfrom different heights, swimming, snorkeling, savoring barbecue lunch, and unlimited drinks, and enjoying Grand Life!

Ariel’s Point Trip has become THE Must-Do attraction on Boracay: It hosted Miss Earth 2009, part of “Nokia Team Building 2010” and was featured in TV Program Sports Limited, in the Manila Bulletin, Boracay Sun and other TV programs and publications. Great place for well-deserved Dragon Boat contestants to restore their strengths and get ready for new forthcoming competitions… plus the added Fun, as Ariel Abriam (owner of Ariel’s Point) declares: “God is good! Life is good!”

The Exciting 2011 Boracay International Dragon Boat Competition will be in April. The exact date to be announced.

Boat Plans – Boat Building Kits For Amateur Boat Builders

It is the lifelong dream of many people to own a boat. Well, after buying the condo, the car and many other trinkets and luxuries, there remains at the corner of some people’s heart, the desire to have their own boat or yacht in which they can sail away into the beautiful sunset.

Well boat plans are one desire and interest that unite so many people around the world. It is also considered a status symbol and a sign that you have arrived when you have your own boat to enjoy as well as to flaunt. It sure increases your social quotient and status to own a boat and that is one of the primary reasons why some people want to own a boat.

Buying a boat off the shelf is quite an expensive proposition. There are celebrities and multi-millionaires who can afford to buy their own boat and live it up in style. Champagne parties off Cannes or Miami are stuff that dreams or celebrity lifestyles are made of. For most of us, such a lifestyle is well nigh unimaginable just for the simple reason that we cannot afford such extravagance.

But just because one is a middle class person does not mean that he should be deprived of realizing the dream of owning a boat. This is where boat building kits for amateur boat builder step in, as these make it quite possible for people to make their own boats themselves and enjoy a whale of a time alone, with family and friends too.

There are special sites that specialize in making available these do it yourself kits so that you can spend a few happy hours building the boat of your dreams, just the way you would like it to be. It’s easy and so affordable too.

Finally you must remember that decent boat design software helps you to build the boat of your dreams.

Probably the best idea is to get some sort of 3D boat design software that is affordable, easy and flexible to use and is suitable for anyone from the hobby model boat builder to professional mass ship producers.

To see more information on the latest and greatest 3D Boat Design | CAD Ship Yacht and Boat Design Software visit our review page here: Quality Boat Design Software.