Getting the Most Offers When Selling Your Boat

Selling a boat is no easy task. You have to worry about transportation, transactions, insurance, and transfers of ownership. The last thing that you want to be worried about is the process of promoting your boat to a larger number of people. We’ve provided a few boating selling tips for you to keep in mind that help you get more offers.

Social Media
Likely your most reliable resource to tap into, your social media sources can easily yield a few offers for your boat with little effort on your party. Reach out to any friends or followers you have on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you are on Google+, you can join various groups in G+ and post your boat’s information for members to review.

If you’re in a hurry to sell your boat, it’s hard to find a better way to sell it faster than through an auction. Do your research to find if there are any boat auctions that you can be a part of in your area. If you can, find out if you can hire a representative for the boat. Typically they will take a commission if the boat sells at a certain pre-established price, but won’t get anything if it sells for less than that. It’s a much safer bet, and they can get a sense of how many buyers are out there that would have a legitimate interest in buying your boat.

Boat Trader Sites
There are hundreds of different boat trader sites that allow you to list your boat with the intent of selling it. While site plans vary, you generally pay a fee to the website to list your boat, and your listing has a time limit or no time limit for how long it appears on the website. Because there are so many to choose from, it’s important to make sure you are picking a site to list your boat on that gets a lot of traffic, and will give your boat as much relevant exposure as possible. You can get a sense of how much traffic a website gets by checking their Alexa ranking. The lower the number, the more traffic the website likely gets.

A simple and cost effective way to promote your boat on the web is through a free website. Use an easy to use website like Weebly, Wix, or Webs to create your listing, contact information, photos, and downloadable documents regarding your boat. It allows you to put up as much information as you want regarding your boat, and make it a more tangible thing to people who may not get to see your boat in person until they are serious about buying it.

A cost effective way to reach the people who are most likely to buy your boat is simply by printing off flyers and advertising them around marinas, yacht clubs, or any other areas where boaters would gather. Be sure you include all of your contact details and even the website where more information about your boat exists.

5 Styles of Boat Seats

For many boat owners, the seats that come with their boat are just not what they are looking for. Designers often spend a great deal of time making sure that your boat is fast and safe, so they neglect the smaller comforts of the interior. Not only are stock models less comfortable, they may not even match your sailing style or usual party size either. Luckily, the stock seats on your boat can be easily replaced with a much more comfortable model with very little hassle when doing so. If you’re in the market for a new set of seats for your boat, check out these basic types of seating to help you get started on setting up your ship in the perfect way.

Pedestal seats are the most common type of seating for the captain’s chair. A raising and lowering pedestal can added to nearly every type of seat, but most often it is seen as a seat on its own near the steering of the ship so that the captain can lean back and rest their legs without having to sit back fully reclined. These are great as most sailors are not the same height, and everyone likes their chair to be made for them. Just like your office chair at home, these products can be raised and lowered with just a quick release on a lever.

Lounge chairs are for all the other passengers. These products can be found in myriad forms, but are often plush waterproof models that are made for one thing – relaxing. It’s best to have one for each possible passenger on your ship so that everyone remains comfortable as they while away the day aboard.

Swivel chairs, much like pedestal chairs, can usually be added to any style of chair, but are usually found around the relaxing areas of the ship. This way sailors can sit facing whichever direction they like to converse or watch the sights that roll by.

Reclining chairs are another great adaptation to the standard chairs. Just like the chair in your car, these products can be easily reclined or raised with a simple turn of a knob or pull of a lever to put the sitter in the best position to enjoy the sights or just soak up the sun.

Finally, captain’s chairs are the ultimate style of chair for the boater. These products are very large, plush, and unlike most chairs on a ship, they usually feature armrests and cup holders as well. Extremely nice models can also feature controls for the ship too.

Boating Accident Risks

On evenings and weekends when the weather is nice, lakes all over the country fill with boats, personal watercraft, and swimmers. Going to the lake is a favorite American pastime that millions of people enjoy each year. Unfortunately, the most popular times to go to the lake are also the times when people are at the highest risk of having a boating accident. Knowing the risk factors of boating accidents can help you take preventative steps to ensure that you have a fun, accident-free day at the lake.

Risk Factors

One major mistake that people make is mixing partying with operating a vehicle, and boats are no exception. Properly operating a boat requires being attentive and able to anticipate potentially dangerous situations. It also involves dealing with fast-moving watercraft and operating heavy machinery, such as boat engines. Being inattentive or distracted while operating a boat is one of the primary risks that cause severe boating accidents. According to a report by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the most severe boating accidents usually involve:

  • Boating on a weekend
  • Boating between noon and 7 pm
  • A victim falling overboard
  • An open motorboat

Approximately 50% of boating accidents involve alcohol, causing boat operators to be slow to react to sudden obstacles and unable to make good judgments when necessary.

Safety Precautions

Whenever you decide to go boating, be sure that you or whoever is operating the boat is focused on boating and is aware of potential obstacles and dangers in the area. Following these safety precautions could help you prevent a boating accident and save lives:

  • Don’t mix boating and alcohol.
  • Avoid reckless boaters and report them immediately to the local marine unit.
  • Do not drive a boat while distracted.
  • Do not let inexperienced boaters practice in crowded waters.
  • Always follow boating laws and signs, including No Wake signs.
  • Give other watercraft and swimmers plenty of clearance.

If you have been injured in a boating accident, another boater may be liable and you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages. Consider contacting a personal injury lawyer immediately to review the details of your case and receive assistance with your claim.

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