Preparing For Retired Life On Our Canal Boat

It had long been an ambition of mine to retire to the waterways of Great Britain…

To Live A Carefree Life On Board.

It sounds Idyllic doesn’t it? Life onboard a capacious narrow boat, chugging around at walking pace. No roots, no ties.. just waterside inns and countless ports of call…

As I openly shared my vision (so vivid and well planned out), my beloved wife – who is ever the realist – went on to say: “Well, that sounds wonderful darling, but how do you propose we live?”

To which I replied..

“Sell the house, buy a boat and live off the surplus of course! These modern boats are extremely comfortable all year round.. Fully heated, all mod cons with washing and drying machines built in. We’ll have everything we could possibly need, my love!”

A high volume discussion followed at that point… and after 27 years of matrimonial bliss, we nearly didn’t make it to 27 and a half.

How To Pay For – A Life On Board

During this disgraceful display of insubordination for the Captain, The First Mate

(AKA ‘The Wife’) calmly pointed out the several “tiny” flaws in my vision.

I won’t embarrass myself or bore you with the details but it became very clear that my well planned ambition (or Plan A) had not been as well-planned as I thought.

I realised that selling up was not the best option for my family, and to indulge The Captains dream, I would have to devise to a better, more realistic “Plan B”.

I had to find a way to substantially increase our net worth, as well as our ongoing income. On top of that, I needed do it in a way where I wasn’t trading in all my time. To realistically make my dream a reality, I needed something that I could “set and forget”…

At this point, The First Mate felt pretty confident that she had headed me off at the pass. She didn’t think she’d hear any more from Captain Harebrain, but boy was she wrong.

So, How Do You Earn A Significant, Autopilot Income?

Determined to make my dream a reality, I decided to get started without delay. I hopped on the computer and spent hours googling “how to make money”…

After looking through Biz Op (Business Opportunity,) after Biz Op, after Biz Op, it seemed that every “opportunity” I found was a way to LOSE money as opposed to EARNING MONEY! I was dissolutioned and was about to lose hope, until I stumbled onto something that really caught my attention.

After weeks of research, enquiries, and lots of sleep lost, I finally found someone who was talking my language. This guy was leveraging the Internet and talked about earning money by working smarter, not harder. He was making money on AUTOPILOT which was something I desperately wanted to do, but thought was just a pipe dream!

After coming across so much garbage up to that point, The First Mate and I were hugely sceptical. Despite that, I decided to learn more and watch this guy very closely.. He was doing something that I desperately wanted to learn and I was prepared to do whatever it took to make it happen.

Establish a Business With Zero Experience, Zero Products, and Zero Storage Space?

So after spending some time learning, watching and bascially stalking this guy online, he revealed the very thing that would rock my world forever..

Enter Affiliate Marketing:-

“Affilawhat?!” I hear you ask. Well here’s what Wikipedia has to say:

“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. The industry has four core players: the merchant (also known as ‘retailer’ or ‘brand’), the network (that contains offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the payments), the publisher (also known as ‘the affiliate’), and the customer.

The market has grown in complexity, resulting in the emergence of a secondary tier of players, including affiliate management agencies, super-affiliates and specialized third party vendors. Affiliate marketing overlaps with other Internet marketing methods to some degree, because affiliates often use regular advertising methods. Those methods include organic search engine optimization (SEO), paid search engine marketing (PPC – Pay Per Click), e-mail marketing, content marketing and in some sense display advertising.

On the other hand, affiliates sometimes use less orthodox techniques, such as publishing reviews of products or services offered by a partner. Affiliate marketing is commonly confused with referral marketing, as both forms of marketing use third parties to drive sales to the retailer.

[1] However, both are distinct forms of marketing and the main difference between them is that affiliate marketing relies purely on financial motivations to drive sales while referral marketing relies on trust and personal relationships to drive sales.

[1] Affiliate marketing is frequently overlooked by advertisers.

[2] While search engines, e-mail, and website syndication capture much of the attention of online retailers, affiliate marketing carries a much lower profile. Still, affiliates continue to play a significant role in e-retailers’ marketing strategies.”

In lay man’s terms, Affiliate Marketing is like incentivised sharing. By promoting (aka marketing) other people’s products through your own strategically designed websites, you can create multiple steams of income when the products are sold. You don’t have to hold stock, invest in premises, or participate in the delivery of the product. You’re basically a middle man and don’t need to get involved in any of the other gubbins that typical businesses entail!

As a 50- something truck driver who was struggling to turn a computer on, knowing where to start was extremely daunting. It was a complete paradigm shift for me, and despite not knowing where to start I knew I had to make it work. I had a very strong reason why I needed to succeed, and this was more than enough to keep me determined to push through the invevitable obstacles.

Lets Start At The Very Beginning

As Julie Andrews sang in The Sound Of Music… It was “a very good place to start”.

I knew I had a lot to learn, and that I’d have to go back to school. I was scared about being ripped off, but I tempered my fear with the knowledge that if I took no action, my situation would slowly but surely deteriorate.

When I married “The First Mate”, I promised to “cherish, and honour her, and endow her with all my worldly goods!”. I was determined to make good on that promise and wasn’t going to let fear stop me.

What scared me more was the spectre of a retirement in poverty and in all honesty had little to do with boats. If anything, the boat would be a reward for the effort I put in to establish a life of quality choices. Not as a means of getting by.

So despite the fear, I did it anyway.. I decided to take the plunge and invest in my education.

Was It Easy? Yes and No

The discovery, learning and actual work was all pretty straight forward. I think the most difficult thing was keeping the discipline to do it all! To come home after a hard days work, roll up my sleeves and start again was tough! Fighting the temptation to crash out in front of the TV was difficult at the best of times. But then that small voice in my head would start nagging at me… “Is doing that going to get you the life you deserve?”

I worked hard, but more importantly, I made a decision to trust the people I am working with and see it through. I pushed past the challenges and simply did the work that was required.

Has It Changed My Life?

With a great team of mentors, business coaches, peers and product developers. People I have been able to access through my growing circle of associates. I have been able to invest in tools and systems to build the business correctly so that we can optimise our lives.

With our life style choices being the core of what we do. Putting the money making activity, around how we want to live, not the other way around.

Will The Business ever be truly on auto pilot? Lets just say that we have systems that will enable us to set things in motion, and have our own support staff in place to look after things for us when we are not around.

You see each aspect of building a profitable lifestyle business is covered in the training, and that training includes outsourcing and learning the true art of delegation.

Now I understand that your life time ambition may not be bumping around the waterways of the British Isles, but if money and the earning of money were taken care of in a way that gave you enough time and freedom to do the things that you actually enjoyed, just what would you be doing tomorrow morning? I bet you would not be getting up at silly o’clock, to get in a lorry and drive that for the rest of the week.

That was Monday Morning for me for far to many years.

Enjoy your retirement, you have earned it

Unique Honeymoon On A Charter Boat Fishing Tour

Charter boat fishing tours can be an interesting way of spending holidays. If you or someone you love is an avid fisherman, consider going on a fishing boat charter tour as a way to celebrate your birthday, anniversary or simply a really unique way to spend your holidays together. Charter fishing boat prices are different with each company. However, there are many companies and transactions are numerous, so be sure to go around on the Internet and with travel agencies. It is a good idea to pick up a few magazines at your local library, bookstore or grocery store to review the wide variety of fishing options from which you can choose.

Plans and preparation for the Chartered fishing trip

It is best to determine how many people will visit your party and exactly how many people intend to go out on the charter fishing boat tour. Once you’ve determined the number of passengers, you just have to determine the number of days for your trip and the number of days you want to be on the tour charter fishing boat. Many of the charter boat’s fishing trip will provide all necessary steps, including tackling high-quality bars and coils. Most will not get discouraged if you choose to bring your own equipment, but keep in mind that their equipment is ready for the types of fish that you’ll be fishing during your excursions. It might be in your interests to leave your equipment at home and use the supplies that are provided. Be very specific when asking the charter boat fishing companies on the provision of meals, snacks and drinks. Some of these companies provide these services, while others are waiting for you to make your own lunch along this journey. It is important that you know this information before departure because most fishing trips are between four and eight hours. If you forget to ask or neglect to do all along, you may be surprised when the sun starts to fly, how badly you want to have a drink to chase the heat.

Your search options and your care quotes

The rates for chartering vessels fishing visits vary widely from company to company. Some cite a price which reflects the number of fishermen on board, the type of fish to be caught, the size of boat desired, or time fishing. Some companies are taking a variety of these factors into account and charge accordingly. As with most things, education, preparation and a clear set of goals should ensure a pleasant adventure.

Boat Insurance – Safeguarding From Undesirable Eventualities

There are many people who have their own boats and use it for a variety of purposes like fishing, transport and so on. Having invested in this mode of transport, it is also essential to safeguard it. Hence, the need for boat insurance. This form of insurance protects the boats from any untoward natural calamities or events like flood, storm and so on. One need not necessarily have to purchase an expensive boat insurance policy. There are affordable ones available in the market that will offer the same coverage. It is possible to get affordable boat insurance and that too without having to shell out a fortune. The only way to go about this is research and spending some time browsing the internet.

The research should not take into account the quotes provided and the coverage of the policy, but should also be able to guide you on how to apply for these quotes. You may either choose to do all this on your own or take the help of an insurance broker. When you identify a broker, the broker may tend to force you into purchasing a policy from the company that gives him good commission. But if you are clear that you cannot spend much, then you are left with the only option of doing a thorough research all by yourself. Also, when ordering the policy online, you also get the benefit of good discounts or rebates.

Once you have identified insurance websites that offer these policies, you have to fill in the requisite information and submit the details online. By just remaining in the comfort zone of your home, you can purchase the policy and you also save on commuting and other travel expenses. Within minutes, you will also have the boat insurance policy emailed to you.

Just make sure that the insurance provider is a genuine one. Check out reviews posted by the clients about the company. If you have the sole ownership of the boat, then you should not compromise on the coverage. You may also check with friends or relatives if they have purchased a similar policy. There are many types of boat insurance like fishing boat insurance, yachts insurance of boat and racing boats insurance. You may want to check out for specialised insurance of boat policies, so that you are adequately covered.

Yachts insurance and racing boats insurance are different from a normal insurance of boat policy. Find out whether the insurance of boat policy covers your fishing tackle, fishing boat etc. Check out for competitive prices available in the market. Third party liability is also extended by some insurance companies, and in the event of the passengers getting injured or hurt, the insurance policy will provide adequate coverage. Preferably go in for a company that has competitive staff to process the insurance claims and who are well read about claim processing and the process involved in insurance of boat compensation.