Concert Review: Colt Ford at the Blue Note With Tyler Farr and Sunny Ledfurd

Colt Ford stopped into Columbia Missouri on November 4th for a rockin’ concert at the Blue Note. Featuring artists Tyler Farr, and Sunny Ledfurd, this was one of the best shows at the venue this season.

I arrived at the Blue Note about 30 minutes before the doors opened, and the crowd was lined up around the building. We don’t get too many country concerts here in Columbia, so this wasn’t the usual crowd. There was nothing but camouflage and cowboy hats as far as the eye could see, and everyone in line was filled with eager anticipation.

When we got inside, I immediately ordered a pitcher of beer and prepared for the nights first performance. A half hour or so later, Tyler Farr took the stage with a baseball cap and an acoustic guitar. Tyler plays a more traditional style of country music, and it reminds me of the classics from the early nineties. Tyler has a very mature singing voice for looking so young. Some of his best songs were “Camouflage”, a song about his upbringing and country heritage, and “It’s a Huntin’ Thang”, a feel good song about hunting season. Tyler’s songs featured impressive rock solos laced between the twang of a slide guitar and his classic country vocals. During one song toward the end of Tyler’s set, Colt Ford made an appearance to tremendous applause.

Next up was Sunny Ledfurd, a country rock hybrid band from North Carolina. Most of Sunny’s songs are about partying, and of all three bands featured in the show they were my personal favorite. Sunny Ledfurd is famously featured in the Colt Ford song “Waffle House”, where he provides the vocals for the song’s chorus, but his solo offerings are absolutely worth a listen. “Till I Get To My Driveway” is a song about the journey from the bar to the after party, with some bumps in between. “Pontoon Boat” is an ode to chilling on the lake in the old Pontoon Boat, but definitely not a song for Jack Johnson fans. By far my favorite song Sunny performed was “Jim Sharp”, a tribute to the famous Texan bull rider, and I was singing “Ya God Damn Right Jim Sharp” for the next several days. Sunny Ledfurd is the perfect balance of rock and country, making for some great party music.

Finally Colt Ford took the stage and the crowd went wild. Colt has a large band, which compliments his stature. Several of the members are from various parts of Missouri, including the drummer who actually hails straight from Columbia. It wasn’t long before Colt and his band were belting out classics such as “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”, and their own songs such as fan favorite “Chicken and Biscuits”. Colt’s music is an unusual mix of country and hip hop fusing into one of the most unique musical styles I’ve ever heard. It’s obvious Colt and his band care about their fans immensely, and he altered the lyrics of almost every song to reference MIssouri and Columbia. The crowd ate it up and everyone was singing along. Colt and his drummer traded places at one point to play a cover of “Rock N Roll All Night” by KISS, and Colt was surprisingly amazing on the drums. The entire band received introductions and had a chance to showcase their instrumental prowess through some amazing solos, with my favorites coming from the violinist and lead guitarist.

Colt Ford said his goodbyes and left the stage, but the crowd would have none of it. Everyone in the venue started chanting “Colt Ford! Colt Ford!” and just a few minutes later the band came back out(this time with Sunny Ledfurd) and everyone knew it was time to get down at the “Waffle House”. “Waffle House” is a song about a gun, a cheatin’ woman, and the perfect spot for a late night confrontation. The song ended and the concert with it, but this was absolutely one of the best shows this year.

Boat Insurance – The Key Factors That Determine Your Quote!

This marine insurance article reviews the key price calculation factors that will ultimately determine the boat insurance quotation for inland waterways vessels. Whether you own a dutch barge, narrowboat, houseboat or other type of barge in insurance terms the vast majority of boat insurance companies will categorise them as the same. The reason for this is perhaps partly due to simplicity (there are already too many boat types the boat insurance companies have to create and maintain premium calculation rules for!), but actually the key reason is because the inherent risk of a claim between these categories is very similar. Luckily if you own a barge this immediately guarantees you lower rates of insurance levy, with fast powerboats/ yachts attracting the highest levies for obvious reasons (greater speed = greater claims!). Regardless of boat insurance category however all good boat insurance companies will firstly offer you the option of either comprehensive or third party only insurance.

As you might guess this option is actually the single biggest criteria in determining your insurance cost as you are effectively stating whether the insurer must pay a claim on one or two vessels in the event of an incident and you are found at fault. Third party insurances are usually calculated as a fixed price, but assuming you select comprehensive insurance, the second key factor determining the price of any boat insurance quote is inevitably the total value of your vessel. Insurance companies literally take the value of the vessel (plus an additional quoted items you state for coverage e.g. generator, ouboard) and multiply it by a specific percentage rate (i.e. vessel value x 0.#%). When it comes to inland waterways insurance the rate applied is normally fairly static however the rate can be on a sliding scale (i.e. reducing gradually for higher valued boats) but also age may well be classed as a factor (i.e. as boats age the probability of hull disrepair increases the likelihood of accidental sinking). The third key factor that will affect your quote will be (similar to most insurance types), years no claims bonus. Most insurers provide 5 years but some do provide 6 years. For each and every year without a claim a percentage will be knocked off your final insurance cost up to the maximum number of years. The remaining factors determining your insurance cost are often then optional. Clearly taking up additional optional items incurs a cost (or risk) for the insurer and as a result inevitably affects the price;

  • Breakdown cover (usually a fixed price)
  • Contents cover (depends on the type and value of contents being covered & normally requires direct contact with insurance staff)
  • No claims bonus protection (when available at a small percentage rate)

Finally there are also one or two other factors which may be taken into consideration (this all depends on individual insurers) which perhaps don’t affect a majority but inevitably will affect some. For example, not having a mooring (roaming boats are of greater risk to insurers due to increased movement) or requirement for access to tidal areas e.g. on the River Severn near Gloucester, UK for instance. Somewhat surprisingly whilst most insurers will stipulate an age of 18 or over, thereafter age is not a factor upon boat insurance cost. Those over 70 however may find exemptions from personal injury claims.

Can A Boat Tracker Protect Your Boat From Theft?

If you own a fleet of boats for personal or commercial purpose, it is important to consider its safety and security. First, you must take a proactive approach and note down the serial number including hull and engine number of each vessel.

Second, you must install a portable and compact boat tracker for live tracking purpose. It can definitely protect it from theft because it has got some useful technical features.

#1 – Easy To Use

• A tracker is a light-weighted device and does not consume much space. It is very easy to install the device inside the engine or near to the battery.

• You just need to connect it directly to the power source to start live tracking immediately.

#2 – Centralized Fleet Management

• If you run a commercial fleet business, you can use the fleet management console to add employees and boats easily.

• You can assign employees against multiple boats for monitoring purpose.

#3 – Live Tracking

• It is very easy to track the fleet through your laptop or mobile from a secure login.

• You can set geofencing limits from the web console to get automatic SMS alerts on your phone if the boat leaves outside the set geographical perimeter area.

• It is also possible to review the route history and play the animated map replay option to retrace a vehicle’s route for a date and time interval. You can also find the time and the boat’s estimated speed.

#4 – Driver Efficiency Management

• A robust tracking device will calculate the rating of driving behavior and send a customized report.

• The report will include the driver’s violations of the basic functions (over-speed, geofencing, and excessive idle etc.) and penalty points received against each case.

• You can give statistical feedback to each driver or employee.

• It will help to run a lean and productive business operation unit.

• It also reduces the chances of theft as drivers and employees will remain alert and attentive due to the system’s automated algorithms.

#5 – Reports

• You can extract customized reports in graphical and statistical format for detailed trip history, SOS button events log, fall detection sensor log, fuel status, and speed violation instances to monitor, supervise, and protect the boats from theft.

• You can even schedule reports and receive them on your smartphone easily. It will save time and resources.

#6 – Remote Shutdown

• The tracker provides the option to remotely immobilize or shut down the boat power system.

• You just need to send an SMS from your mobile phone to shut it down and prevent any unauthorized use.

#7 – Two-Way Communication

• You can easily connect the tracker to a microphone and speaker for a seamless two-way on-demand communication.

• It is very easy to talk to the driver and listen from any remote location.

• You can record the conversation and listen to it through a 3rd party software integrated with the tracking system.