Title – Wet Dreams – Author – Douglas Danielson – Book Reviews

Untie the dock lines, cast off and jump aboard Douglas Danielson’s book, entitled “Wet Dreams,” also the name of a posh 70 foot Hatteras yacht adorned with babes and booze, partying just off the coast of L.A. at Catalina Island. The reader’s voyage will take one upon turbulent waters of a young lady missing from her “filthy rich” daddy, as Jake Mortensen and Buddy Wright seek to find out the answers to the questions of her whereabouts. Along the way, the story tacks against the wind as Buddy receives a death threat from what seems to be an ex-Vietnam-vet. Station a cop character at the bow with a memorable name, Virgil Klean. Add the undercurrent of Jake’s attractive and explosive exotic Chinese-American girlfriend, Toey Wong, losing her cool doubting her relationship unjustifiably. What you get is a mystery novel of extraordinary entertainment buoyancy floating in your mind. Remembering, as some of the characters are also true surfers, all landlubbing matters cease when the awesome curls are breaking and “surf’s up.”

Stuffed with vernacular from the boating world, Douglas Danielson writes in a very relaxed, conversational style, as if you were having lunch with him at a Yacht Club and he was telling you the story first hand. His depth of knowledge about the intricacies of sea-fearing vessels, and his familiarity with the lifestyle and people that command the wheelhouse and sleep in its staterooms, goes fathoms beyond what might be known to an average reader. The skill of Doug Danielson’s writing is demonstrated when he takes this information, which is of keen interest to him, and makes it easily assimilated and definitely very enjoyable to others as well. His book takes a steady course building on some of his interesting characters from his earlier work, Shore Loser, however Wet Dreams stands on its own sea-legs as being a ship-shape novel.

The years of experiences and knowledge Doug Danielson has amassed in the boating industry shines through in his work, giving his characters a rather wise and expert analytical quality. Knowing more about boating details then assumably any reader, he respects the intelligence of his audience by filling in the sentence structures to become very educational. In essence, I’ve learned quite a bit about yachting from reading the descriptions Douglas Danielson wonderfully entwines within his story. Aside from boating lingo, his use of scene structure is also quite admirable, enabling an uncanny efficiency in descriptions resulting in the reader’s clear imaging.

“Wet Dreams” would make a great movie. The picturesque settings of luxury yachts, the scantily clad sun-tanned eye candy characters, and the casual shorts and T-shirt lifestyle of Jake and Buddy no doubt would be enjoyable viewing. Also, filming just off the coast of L.A. would be fun for the cast & crew. The only detail I see would possibly need to change is the title from “Wet Dreams,” as people might get the wrong idea when driving past the marquee of the movie theatre, not knowing it’s just the name of a yacht. At least on the cover of the book is a photo of a surfer ripping through the pipe being chased by an avalanche wave, as any surfer knows, dream waves, “Wet Dreams.”

Corporate Boat Cruises Are Gaining Steam

Corporate boat cruises are gaining popularity as an alternative for corporations who hold large meetings away from headquarters. These cruises are comparable in price with renting meeting space at hotels and in many cases offer more in the way of amenities. This article will look at some of those options.

If you research corporate boat cruises into any search engine and you will find dozens of companies vying for your business. Overall, they are pretty much the same with the exception of some pricing and a variation in the amenities offered. There are also companies who specialize in yacht rentals that may meet the same need. Most of the cruise and yacht companies are willing to negotiate a price should you have special needs or requests.

There are many reasons large corporations would book a cruise ship or yacht. Business meeting held on a ship or yacht are sure to impress any client. Many cruise ships have all the amenities of a hotel including a meeting room, telecommunications, fax and presentation equipment, and food service. These can be rented by the day, week, or leased into the companies fleet of transportation.

A great way to get top performance from your team is to offer an incentive. A full day or even a half-day on a Cruise ship or yacht will bring out the best in your sales force. The office Christmas party takes on a completely new meaning when everyone gets together on a small cruise boat and heads out to sea. There are so many applications and package ideas that they are too numerous to name.

Many cruise companies have a small fleet ranging in sizes so that they have a craft ready for any sized occasion. They usually start at 100 feet and get larger. Two or three cruise ships are the norm for most companies. Most of these ships have state-of-the-art equipment installed including radio, television, and global positioning equipment. Interior designs in many cruise ships are as elegant as most modern hotels. These ships have two full bathrooms to accommodate its minimum capacity.

The cost of a small cruise ship compared to hotel facilities is close. The cruise ship is a few hundred dollars more but many of the extras that you would pay a hotel are included in the cruise package making it the better value. Just like hotels, pricing ranges from cruise company to cruise company. On average, $1.000 to $4.000 is about standard depending on the length of the cruise and the entertainment or dining package included.

Virtually every corporate boat cruise business has an event manager that you will speak with when inquiring. This person will guide you through the entire process from your first contact to the actual experience. These professional salespersons are highly trained and very good at making sure you get the most bang for your buck. They specialize in hospitality and corporate events right down to the details of what food is served, staffing, and destination planning.

After reviewing dozens of cruise ship lines that specialize in small and medium corporate boat cruises, I realized that it would be very difficult to pick one and the process would be a long one. It would be a great idea to have most of your information together before you speak to an event manager. Knowing beforehand, exactly what you want and how many people will be involved will save a ton of valuable time and greatly improve the initial options offered.

Buy And Sell Used Boats Now Without Any Hassle

Owning a boat for some is an investment, for some a necessity, although for some others it could be mere luxury. No matter what the reason but there is no denying the fact that buying a boat could be an expensive proposition. Notwithstanding, there are many of us who would want to sell our used boat for various reasons. This need has given rise to several online portals and markets where you can get your old boat sold and thereby pave the way to buy a new one. There are a number of boats available online or in the market with different brands. You will find boats in various types as well, for instance, commercial water crafts, ski, air, power, inflatable, pontoon, deck, fishing, houseboats, water jets and many more.

Sounds Interesting…but How to Go About It?

Personal Agents – You could save yourself some time from your tight schedule and probably get in touch with the personal agents. These dedicated agents keep a track of the newly registered boats which are put on sale and also keep you posted through emails. Submit an additional request and participate in boat sale auctions for the purpose of selling your boat.

Online Search – How about getting a boat booked without wasting your time and money? Yes! Make good use of the Internet, search for boats online and check out the desired boat images from different angles. You could also compare prices, various makes and models, etc of other boats on sale.

Advertise – Advertise your boat online, in newspapers or on local television channels. You can also submit images or videos of your old boat that you want to sell

Assistance from Third Party – Seek, if you wish, expert advice on insurance, reviews, financing, transportation, boat values, etc.

Last but not the least, you may visit different marinas, harbors or boat ramps which will have boats on sale.

Finally, Consider Some Points before Buying the Used Boat

* Inspect the boat thoroughly, to ensure whether it is free from any defects.

* Be very careful about rotten planks, if the boat is wooden.

* Some times you may find out that the boat is painted at a few places, make sure that those places are not painted to conceal serious issues.

* Conduct a sea trial to find out how the steering is functioning, if the gear is smooth, etc.

* Do not rush; you may take a few days to go through the survey report of the boat. If the survey report uncovers some minor or major problems, you can ask the vendor to fix it.

* Be extra careful and look out for a reliable source to buy from that could provide you with the maximum information.

* You could also negotiate some compensation on the boat and make sure to check the papers of the boat before fixing the deal.

* The boat you are buying should not have any outstanding debt on it and make sure the transfer of ownership is done under the legal procedure only.

* Once you are thoroughly content, you may sign the acceptance on the sales agreement. Do take all the relevant documentation and proof of ownership from the vendor.

Search for the perfect vessel from the wide range of boat classifieds, one that serves your needs the best. Look out for a market or website that understands the needs of both the buyers and sellers or one which has accurate knowledge about the boat industry. Select the best website which has the most traffic generating frequency and provides maximum and complete information about the used boats for sale by owner.